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    Lets see your mutt.

    After 9 years without a dog I finally replaced her with a pup I got from Chuam.
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    NZ 2019

    It was the safest way. If I had tried to pack it down we both would have been tenderized.
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    Chestnut Bellied Sandgrouse

    Taken in Kona
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    Island Adventure

    You're addicted now.
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    Island Adventure

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    NZ 2019

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    St. Paul Island Alaska

    Lost 4 days in Anchorage trying to get to St. Paul Island. Day 1 we were over the island when we turned back to Anchorage because the runway was icy. On a refueling stop in Dillingham we all had to get off the plane because a passenger was drinking his own beer on the plane. He was arrested but...
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    Kona upland birds

    Been hunting Hawaii for decades but always in the spring or summer for big game. Always drooled over the upland birds there but their season runs Nov - Jan. so they were always untouchable. This last season I decided to go for it. Now I'm hooked. Already booked flights for next Nov but next time...
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    Who's up for a hunt?

    Lots of muskrat in the Imperial Valley but I've never seen a nutria.
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    Adak 2018

    Yeah, it's a little spooky in icy water.
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    Adak 2018

    At 3 pm today they called and said they found it in Adak. How they lost it in that tiny airport is unbelievable. Probably a dozen passengers to process. There are only 2 flights a week there, Wednesday and Saturday, so it'll be a few days before it comes home.
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    Adak 2018

    Other than the airlines losing my gun on the trip home, it was a good adventure.
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    One For the Duckers...A band and a rare species...

    A long time ago I used to raise them for taxidermy. After I sold my favorite personal piece I never replaced it. Back then I could buy 2 year old drake for $50 but now they are around $200.
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    New Zealand is dying

    Drew a tahr ballot.
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    Labrador Puppies Available

    I'd trade for my taxidermy services.