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    2022 ok lets go fishing already

    Yep, starting to get that twitch.
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    Vegan Speciesist Song

    There went 2:24 that i can never get back. Sad thing is i knew better going in.
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    NV Last Chance Buck

    I'm a liken it, Good on you, EAT WELL!!!
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    Those are not QUAILS, they are QUAIL! They appear to be gambel's quail. Note the redish head.
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    AB 1223

    DONE!!!!!!!! Thanks Ron.
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    Double down

    I smell bacon !
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    Hooked for life

    Great day and pix, that off of 86s?
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    2020 was decent

    Wife got all fired up on that ruddy dick.
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    THE 150

    My wife and i hit the 150 today in our 17 Bayrunner Baja. On the way out we stopped near some light boats that had a decent squid float the night before, talked to one of the captains. We hoped to get on some sandy's, a butt or a ghost, had some good marks but no takers, off to the 150. Things...
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    DU Fishing Charter San Diego

    That'S great, i'll be building blinds on the 22nd. Great timing DU!
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    More BackCountry Good Times!

    HO LEE SMOKES, Great deer man.
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    Pheasant opener 2020

    If you go watch your back, way to many knuckle heads hunting those birds in that area.
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    Oh yeah, thats a dandy.
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    F this hosting

    Thanks Jay.