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    Just a quick question...

    Crazy lobster fisherman, ya guys have no idea lol
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    Awesome pic...Hammered the heavies in that the
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    My dads lucky year

    More pics skeet show the whole beast
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    Utah archery

    Rd. Gott er done.....I know.he was pumped Skeet.....hell of a.buck
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    Wife and I got the second shot yesterday, feel the same as I did yesterday before the shot.
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    Member Desertwings

    This really makes me sad to hear. Dan was a really good man. He was the kind of guy to give ya the shirt off his back. He loved huntin them divers. Was a privilege to hunt with him.For those that knew him the world's a little bit smaller. R.I.P. brother
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    Had to say goodbye

    Unconditional love is right Spanky, am so sorry for you and your family that's always a tough one, RIP Tucker
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    R.I.P LLOYD...

    Thats a tough one, sorry Matt, we will all mis LLoyd
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    Handguns and lead ammo on person while deer hunting

    Must be a loop hole...give them time they will close it
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    Tagged out

    Congrats Skeet, I seen the pic real nice buck
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    Road issues and opening day

    I say wait to see if ya draw the opener, then worry about it.
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    Something I found on FaceBook

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    Got my Mallard mount back!

    Obviously a hybrid of sorts.
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    Anyone seen my Generator?

    Like I said its diff ...Glad all is well
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    Anyone seen my Generator?

    Yep diff world Skunk....been a long time most don't know that story lol... hope all has been well with you and your family