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    Six pack fishing

    Great looking Yellowtail!
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    chirp...... chirp....... chirp.....

    Glad you listened to your body and went to the ER! Hopefully next season will be a more productive one.
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    2022 Deer Hunt Draws

    Good luck on the draw.
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    chirp...... chirp....... chirp.....

    Most of the guys from here I see at SCH Outdoors. Only seen gdog and mjb at rokslide.
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    Wister Dove Hunting

    Tru Dat!
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    Wister Dove Hunting

    "has become paid".....huh??? Pretty sure "long-range shooting" is not allowed at Wister.
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    2022 ok lets go fishing already

    Nice, is this recent? Where did you go out of? What boat?
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    Merry Christmas

    Thanks and back at ya. Merry Christmas!
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    360° Photo attempt

    Nice photo
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    Idaho pheasant hunt December 2021

    Know nothing about Idaho but good luck to you.
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    Nice to see some widgeon!
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    Saturday morning was slow for me. Past on about 25 hen pintails waiting for the drake's. When one showed up I blew it and missed 3 times...drake mallard I also missed on. Came out of the blind for lunch and went back in to try and redeem myself. Ended with 4 birds.
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    My dads lucky year

    And the STORY..... can't forget the story.