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    bow fishing

    Copied and Pasted Bowfishing is now allowed by boat in the East End at Lake Perris for invasive species carp and goldfish. These species negatively impact the game fish populations. In an effort to enhance a world class largemouth bass fishery the following has been enacted. DISTRICT...
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    Nice stinkers
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    SOLD***US Optics LR-17 Scope***SOLD

    USO LR-17, 3.2-17x44, GAP Mil reticle, Red Illumination, Mil knobs, EREK Elevation knob, 30mm tube. Great Condition $2000 shipped. Ponder TX Dave 3io-930-9519
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    Sardinian Hare

    I've used that exact recipe with both jacks and cotton tails. It's great either way. I usually pour it over a bowl of saffron rice
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    Spring Terrier Trials 2016

    Both my Terriers (Joey and Gidget) are getting bred, so they wont be competing. I have my Pit (Bocephus), he can do the water race and woods event. But he would catch in the bay pen. He Tree's a little bit, but not good enough to compete
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    Need a dog moved from So.Cal to North TX

    Anyone heading this way soon? Have a Jagdterrier in Joshua Tree that I need to get here. Thanks Dave 310-930-9519
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    Spring Terrier Trials 2016

    Its coming up soon
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    Terrier trials Fall 2015

    If you look through those pictures, Joey is in the Cut Collar with 2 red straps
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    Terrier trials Fall 2015

    Video is on FB, dont know if this will work
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    Terrier trials Fall 2015
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    Terrier trials Fall 2015

    Thanks guys. This was her 3rd Terrier Trials and Her 3rd time taking the Overall win. They didnt score the water race since it was a new event and most guys havent done it before, but she smoked them all in the water too. My Gidget puppy is 5 months old and did pretty well in the puppy classes...
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    American Hunting Terrier Trial, Tyler TX, Oct 9-11

    The fall event is coming up next month. Gonna be another fun one
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    A Little Deer Help, Please

    Yep. G13 1st, then D16 2nd