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    No posts??

    Wow, TOF must definitely be dead... A Zone archery opened Saturday and not a single post...
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    Poachers caught in CA

    Gosh I wonder. Do you think perhaps it had anything to do with them both being "law enforcement?"
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    Poachers caught in CA

    These assholes are poachers, plain and simple. Screw them and their piece of garbage attorney.
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    Is TOF dead?

    To be honest, whenever I got on the forum, there was one guy who seemed to just spew BS everywhere. He fancied himself as the great hunter. Zero command of the English language - I assume he didn't make it past the 3rd grade, but had a lot to say about everything. It got tiresome, especially...
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    Is TOF dead?

    Hey thanks guys. What is SCH?
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    Is TOF dead?

    Haven't been on this board in a while. Thought I'd take a look, for old times' sake. Blacktail deer, upland birds, etc. - pretty dead. Everyone move to FB? (I never use FB...)
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    What a mule!!!

    Congratulations -- very nice buck! How long was the shot with that arrow-firing machine?
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    Slammed one..

    Beautiful buck. Well done old dude.
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    D zone buck

    Thanks. First time I've used these non-lead bullets, but they sure seem to work well. Really well. The requirement to use non-lead shotgun ammo, however, really sucks.
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    Been awhile...return of dads 270

    Very nice desert buck. Congrats!
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    dog found in the high desert

    Wow, I wonder what happened. Poor guy - so glad he was rescued.
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    D zone buck

    I used the Federal Trophy Copper ammunition. I shoot a 30-06, and I believe the bullets are 165 grains. Seemed to work very well.
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    D zone buck

    Took a day off to enjoy this great fall weather in the mountains. I was fortunate to have a chance to get this nice buck. 170 yards. Those non-lead bullets seem to work well.
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    Another drive by

    Fingers crossed. Thanks for the reports...
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    19,000 homes approved to be built at Tejon Ranch

    Money always wins. Always.