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    Hug your kids.

    Prayers for your family.
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    Passing of John Waters

    Slinky, you beat me to it, the Santa Claus of Wister. Rest in Peace John.
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    Member Desertwings

    Spent some time around the campfire with Dan. Sad news. Rest in peace Dan.
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    Rocky Clan Blacktail.

    Or dis-assembly. ;) Nice buck, congrats.
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    12. Yr old 1st hunt

    Awesome job Dmax
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    Sooooo, Are You Scouting Yet?

    I can't believe how pants shrink so much by just washing them. :cool:
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    Can someone photoshop out that swamp creature? :p Nice fish SSdog.
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    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    Thanks guys.
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    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    No one knows what to really do when you favorite hunting partner passes away. Relive in your mind the many moments you had together. Think back on all the great conversations you had when the skies where empty. Look at the lab left behind knowing how many hundreds of birds he brought to hand...
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    My yougest daughter gets her first turkey

    Way to go. Great job.
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    First retirement trip

    Good stuff ODP. Stay safe and healthy
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    Another Trophy poacher...

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    I did it... RETIRED!!!

    Congrats ODP. Enjoy the RV'ing, and post pics of places you visit
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    First coues

    Good stuff Skeet & RD. Congrats to both of you.