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    D7 3x3

    Great looking buck! Congrats
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    Everything is OK...

    Excellent work Ed!
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    Merry Christmas to me....

    Wow that is beautiful!
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    Please pray for Popx5....

    Wishing Tom a safe trip and lots of Tuna! David
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    4 for 4

    Congrats on the nice buck with a bow! David
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    Burned my tag on a Mule deer

    Wow ! What an awesome looking buck! Congrats Ed! David
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    I got one grandad!

    That's awesome Tom! Love the big smiles on their faced!
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    Koufax the warrior...

    Sorry Tom. Anything I can do to help just call. David
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    Just in 1.5 day trip

    Gundoglover, Congrats on the Yellows and Seabass. Impressive catch count between you and your friend.
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    Toronado tonight YT

    Freedom has a 2 day leaving Friday night. 28 guys only 10 booked so far. Big boat and weather look good too. Downside is you will miss Father days Sunday.
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    I cannot believe...

    You are a strong Ducker! Very inspiring... Keep it up!
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    Prayers needed

    Prayer sent! Thank you for you son service.
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    a Letter from my son to you for help.

    Oops. I thought I help made his goal but it go up again after. Lol. Never mind goal is still open :) David
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    a Letter from my son to you for help.

    His goal is met! David
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    Fatal Accidential Discharge at Raahauges 1/14/17

    Very sad and god bless the victim family, the shooter family and everyone at Raahauges! Just a few week ago the entire office and other building got burn down to the ground and now this...