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    Any kills?

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    Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Survey

    Sorry kid! Back in the day here youd'a had more answers than you could handle. Everybody jumped ship and the only ones left here is us crickets. Have any idea how far we are from shore? I have a feelin we'll be runnin aground any time now.
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    Bloody decks

    Can you say sashimi baby! I'm panting.
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    Southern Utah dove

    Especially love the pic with junior!
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    Statewide national forest closure

    Anybody else pissed off about the statewide nf closure?
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    One of my favorites as well! Never throw away the head and bones! Makes clear broth of the gods!
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    Launched out of Trinidad Ca.

    Thats what I'm talkin about!! Good eats there!
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    Kid hunting stuff

    Cant wait till i dont 'have' to work. Dont think id ever not want the tools around.
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    Kid hunting stuff

    Why'd ya sell all your tools?
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    No posts??

    Nice buck! I'd keep an eye out for him. he'll be back. Lots of luck!
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    Help me decide on a scope for my new 308

    What do you think about the Vortex Razor HD LH rifle scope? Comes in at about $1500. Weighs 20.5 oz, just over a pound an a quarter. With a lifetime warrenty.
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    Indianapolis 500. The fix was in.

    I like the occasional refreshment fog!
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    Tom Foolery

    Way to stick with it!
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    glock sight picture

    I dont personaly shoot glock, but that doesnt matter. You need to determine from your firearm whether your point of impact is at the top of your sight or from the dot on target. After youve made that determination, the rest should be keeping allignment on target and trigger control. Hope this...
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    Spring Thunder

    Way to get er done!