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    dog found in high desert

    I'm not sure what's happened, I just came across the story on FB... figured this would be one of the better places to get some recognition. YES, a very lucky dog...
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    The Wyoming Incident....

    it's a crap zone in so cal with every flower picker and nose picker in the area who owns a gun... not very common to see a deer like that in d14... actually mis-typed it... meant to say, wasn't d14... my bad
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    dog found in high desert

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    The Wyoming Incident....

    are you sure that was d14???
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    dog found in the high desert

    just saw this on fb.... hope that link works... says he was found 15 miles south of ridgecrest... curt
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    Another drive by

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. I remember back a number of years... maybe as far back as like 06 or 07... when we had that record breaking year... the biologist for the area time me he actually saw some with 3 distinct sizes... 3 hatches... now maybe that asking a little too much...
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    Another drive by

    Been up and down the hill twice the last 2 days, as far as the outlets by Barstow for a short ride... the point is, it's wet up here a little... had a couple rain cells come through... it can only be good for the birds, I'm diggin'it! Thought I'd share for anyone else who has a few chuckar still...
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    Tim Wells Whacks one Right Between The Eyes!

    I start watching one and 2 hrs later I'm like, what time is it... how it the heck am I supposed to get any work done....
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    my drive by post

    well that's kinda scarry.... arent' they the deadliest critters on the planet though... that makes sense
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    my drive by post

    I don't get in here much anymore, work and life are a drag anyway, last time remember seeing this many butterflys was around 96' or 97'.... a good el nino year I think... anyways, all this rain makes things really good for the bugs and birds... I think we can look for some...
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    Need your prays

    power in prayer!
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    Oh my

    it aint easy getting those beasts in back of those buggies, is it...
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    This years Muzzle Loader buck

    he looks so cozy with his head rested there...
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    HOLY G3!!!!!

    take lots-o-pics...
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    don't post much but getting excited X9A

    that road kill stuff sucks... great news on the apprentice age increase though... 18... round valley here we come in a year or two, whatever it takes to get it done!!!