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    Help my niece please. She needs votes.

    My niece is up for Houston area swimmer of the year. Need your votes. She's running a close second right now. She's a Clear Creek freshman and she's already broken numerous freshman state records. She's heads to state in 3 events next weekend in Austin. Vote as many times as you want. Just...
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    NM Aoudad Hunt 2012

    Really? I don't come around here for months and when I finally do my simple comment garners a "yo' mama" reference? What are you 12? Guess now I know why I've been away so long. Really could care less when you post your f'n pictures.
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    post a random picture/Video (new image mandatory)

    Saw Sonny Crockett at the grocery store the other day. He's aged a little.... And traded in his Ferrari for a mini-van....... Didn't spot Rico anywhere though. :smiley-hitting-self:
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    The Good life

    All that missing is cold beer. :smiley-yellow:
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    Who's getting rained on tonight?

    It's rained here during some part of the day for the last week and a half. Some of them have been gully washers. :smiley-yikes:
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    NM Aoudad Hunt 2012

    So it's July. Are you still 500 miles away from a computer? :smiley-wnk-yellow:
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    Has Hollywood Gone Off the Deep End?

    Is this a rhetorical question??
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    Best damn dog I've ever had.........

    ........or that would have me. She finally gave in today. Hopefully she's chasin' lots of birds now. She's been going down hill for a few weeks now. She finally had enough today.
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    Mountain biker gets taken out....

    I love the last part about the helmet, cause we all wear a helmet just in case an antelope attacks. :lol: