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    This bull was well deserved

    Wow impressive bulls!!! Great work guys!
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    Meg's first deer

    Way to go Meg!!!
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    This site rocks! I've managed to get two hunting partners, 18 honeyholes and a guide, just sitting here on my arse :smiley_10sign: Yort don’t try to act all innocent. You were an Xzone Nazi sympathizer! Haha FT, keep looking. It’s there.
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    Hey Yort, I also drew X9A. Any info would be appreciated! Is it close to Beatty? My plan is to hunt in the trees. Is there lots of trees? I hope to get there by at least 3pm on the day before the opener to give me time to scout, but do you think I should get there sooner? What time is it...
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    Eastern Sierra closures

    The cool thing is, what took them hours to accomplish, you can destroy in minutes. And it's fun! :smiley-yellow: They actually take the time to bury dead sage to make it look like it grew there.
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    Zach's CO buck

    Great story! Congrats on a nice buck!! Now tell me more about those guacamole enchiladas :smiley-yellow:
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    That's funny I'm in the same boat and those are the two trucks I'm looking at. Not going to buy new, there are a ton of nice used trucks out there to choose from, especially F-150's. Little harder to find later model Tundra's though...
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    I hate hunting in California

    Great buck Snoop!
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    Sage Grouse South Mono!!!!!! Who's going?

    Congrats Brushstomper!  No tags for my fam, I put in myself and two daughters, all separate hoping at least one of us would get lucky, and nada.  Damn frustrating, used to be just drive up on the opener and shoot yourself a grouse!  West side, east side, Bridgeport/Bodie/White Mtns it didn't...
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    Wrightwood Fire~

    Took this as i was leaving for work tonight around 5.  Looks pretty close to Wrightwood.  Should cool off nice tonight, hopefully that helps out!
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    AZ draw

    I see, you just applied for pts. I thought you didn't draw with 15. There is still hope for me then. Whew
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    AZ draw

    Yeah I found out the hard way about loyalty points. We were buying a house about five years ago and things were tight so I decided to skip a year. Cost me two points
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    AZ draw

    That's depressing Paul!  I'm two behind you.  Looks like I'll continue donating $ to AZ for awhile.   When you say no loyalty pt, do you mean permanent pt?
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    A Fool's Errand?

    Great letter Fishdog!
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    WAFJ is right.  It might get ugly if this proposal goes through.  Reading the references they listed it seems obvious that a fungus in responsible for the recent (last couple decades) decline in frog numbers.  But the eco freaks want to blame people and get as much land locked up as possible.