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    How Much Does a Desert Bighorn Sheep Tag Cost?

    Call Terry Anderson, San Gorgonio outfitters. He called me this morning with information on the Cady's that you need to know. said he would help you out with intel. 760-408-7118 Congrats again on the tag! Have fun.
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    Late season success

    A little late, but awesome buck Arbi!
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    Got drawn with 11 pts. Should be a good year!
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    4 for 4

    Congratulations! looks like the start of another epic season
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    2018 Archery Bear

    Awesome bear!
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    skipped dove opener and shot a record book bear

    Nice bear! Can't wait to hear the final score
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    Burned my tag on a Mule deer

    Awesome buck Ed! Congrats, lets hear the story!
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    Archery opener

    Now dem dere are sum pretty good specimens! Looks like you went to Utah or sumthin. congratulations guys! That's gitten er done!!!!! I think I know why I don't get bucks like that. I thought they all had two horns on each side, so I was never looking out wide enough, lol. IMPRESSIVE
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    Xpedition Archery

    ​This weekend won't work as I am still sicker than crap since I got home from Greenland! Haven't even moved my pile of gear by the front door yet! Now my wife an Ed both have it, nasty bugger!
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    Xpedition Archery

    ​I did have to twist Zeke's arm, to not go with a 120lb bow! Once he saw how smooth and fast 70lbs was, he finally relented! Enjoy your bow Zeke, and let me know when you want to come back down, we'll go call some coyotes afterwards!
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    Ducker wants a nice.

    ​Thanks for all the support for Willow Creek gentlemen! I place customer service at the front of the line in this business. If someone is going to spend that much of there hard earned money, they should feel good about doing it, and enjoy what they buy! ​Meatgetter, just let me know when you...
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    What's the longest shot you've made on a prehistoric beast?

    My longest shot was 52 yards, does that count?
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    Blogging for #1

    Go get him! Remember to breath this time. Hold the pin on the spot you want to hit until the arrow reaches its target. You can do it :smiley-w00t:
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    Blogging for #1

    No worries Ed! I just picked up the meat from my little Coues deer, so I can bring some on our moose hunt so you don't feel left out, lol. Thanks again for all the work you did with the blinds and cameras and letting me come down and shoot one of your bucks!! Remember you get first shot on the...
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    Blogging for #1

    Had fun in Ed's #57 blind! He didn't tell me til i was done that he never saw anything but spikes at this water hole, lol. I only had a day and a half to hunt with this years AZ deer tag, so a spike on day two was a no brainer. 40yds across the water. The water wasn't to bad either when it's 95...