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    Holy Crap

    Super sad! His wife put something out with People. Some here should read it before judging.
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    20 gauge semi auto shotgun for a kid

    If you cant find a semi, I put a hevi-shot ported choke tube on my daughter's 20 gauge pump Nova. Made a difference.
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    CA draw results are up

    Nothing for the kids and me in CO, CA, NV and AZ.............. worst year ever......... Shot - nice tag, I'll send you a PM
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    Lake Sonoma

    Got back from Lake Sonoma. Had a great time. Thanks to all for the info and PMs. A special thanks to a couple! Your info was spot on! Not a lot of birds and it seemed all the toms were hen'd up and not responding to calls. I called one from the other side of the lake and had another boat pull...
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    2018 Success

    Good job guys!
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    Lake Sonoma

    Thanks for the info. I live not too far way and I'm familiar with the crowd. I have girls and whenever I take them out hunting, all the anti-hunters, biologist, wardens and just reg people are so shocked to see a girl out there, they usually turn around to help. Its weird. Good, but weird!
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    Lake Sonoma

    So the letter I got says its the whole lake area except the eastern no hunting visitor area. So it looks like I'll be taking the boat up north if its better!
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    They can never find my elk points when I log on and I have to call them about it everytime.
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    Lake Sonoma

    So bring bread!
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    Lake Sonoma

    Thanks a lot guys! I’ll be finding everything out on Monday!
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    Lake Sonoma

    I believe the areas are the same.
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    Lake Sonoma

    3/31-4/1. Never been out there before. Do I need my boat? I know you guys hammer some pigs out there, do you guys see these big black chickens out there?
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    Lake Sonoma

    I put my daughter in for the draw a few days ago and she drew the tag! Anyone have a secret spot, or are they all over the place? I need to find the biggest flock that are used to people feeding them, because this kid is not the hunter in the family, and I'm really glad her first tag she drew is...
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    Cookin Coues!

    Pork rinds go good with that!
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    I used the GMXs the last 2 years out of the 300 and was very happy with them over the Barnes. I think they are not made "as well" as the Barnes and mushroom a lot better. But I still load the 270 with the Barnes triple X because they shoot dimes, but every other gun gets the GMXs.