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    Too many folks over at SoCal Waterfowlers Spot Burner
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    Las Vegas ducking

    North arm of Lake Mead. Ag and marsh in that corner
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    Hunt invite from a vendor

    What wiggie said. Late December-Early January.
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    Leave the Cheeto bears alone
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    A Parkway to San Jacinto WA

    Meh...funding has always been there to acquire land. 90% of the available grants in this state are environment related. If the Lands Division in CDFW was serious about acquiring buffer property, they could’ve done that long ago.
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    Good Flows through there. Boat territory imo.
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    California Fish and Wildlife Department directory

    Eddy Kono is in charge of Lands. Chris Hayes is his supervisor.
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    Yeti supporting the NRA? not Not anymore.
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    Wheel Chair Turkeys

    There are birds less than 15mins from you...
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    Father Son Double

    My dad and I have only been chasing turkeys since last season. Avid Waterfowl and Upland game hunters, but never really tried to put a gobbler down. We had a great opportunity at success on two long-beards on opening day in the Sequoia National Forest last season. That opportunity was cut short...
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    2018 Dove Season

    Hardcore....March and you're already thinking about Sept. 1 :smiley-w00t: plus willing to pay an access fee for dove? It shouldn't be that hard, go talk to a few land owners. Most of us on TOF hunt public down here. Opening Day we're usually done in 15 minutes or so give or take...
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    I cannot believe...

    The best photos I saw all year. Now go get your Turkey on!
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    First bird

    Nice J!
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    Why was it so bad?

    Weather, weather, and weather. Very warm in the salt lake area.
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    Last week's hunt.

    Redheads are known to nest dump, was it banded at birth?