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    2022 Deer Hunt Draws

    Its a beautiful country up there. Good luck!
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    Mr. Big jr.

    Nice pig!
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    Draws are up. Anyone get lucky?

    Lucky me I got A zone again
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    Hug your kids.

    So sorry for your loss prays sent
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    Big fine and prison time.

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    Member Desertwings

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    Man, I LOVE Arizona

    Good job!!
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    Forests Closed - FYI

    I usually wait until last two or three weekends to go out then this happens...
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    Pine smoked blacktail

    Nice buck and good timing too!!!
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    What a mule!!!

    Well done especially before the forest closure then you said Norcal
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    That's a nice one
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    Happy Memorial weekend

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    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    Outstanding!! Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    R.I.P LLOYD...

    So sorry! I have one on its last leg but he still seeks love from us so until then......