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    LAST DAY!!!!~

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    2hrs 3 hunters & one dog gets it done! Gallo!

    like alice in chains... you came to snuff the rooster!
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    Blue Goose from Wister

    congrats. nice bird the joys of hunting CA refuge system, don't miss it.
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    what if you were dove hunting in D11/13/15? i think that is in early september and technically during the "archery" season... mountain lions are not a natural predator of dove so you're good. just be sure to have non-lead certified arrows in your quiver so the DFW kook won't get you, because...
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    New Bows to Check out?

    i heard faitharmory is under new ownership and their archery tech matt is no longer there. not saying it's not a good place to shop, just different from when i was there 3yrs ago
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    so i have a bit of a CA dilemma...

    that's genius! i wish i had thought of that at the time. i had a lot on my plate moving and it didn't even cross my mind. oh, well... it is what it is.
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    so i have a bit of a CA dilemma...

    yeah mudpidgeon... looking at options to cash in. blacktail are on my hit-list and we don't have them here! nick, most of the OTC units here boast better success than a majority of the better X zones there. not to mention i'd be waiting 5 years and dropping over $1000 to draw (X9A?). i'm...
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    New decoys? what do you guys think

    looks like you can change out the heads and have a different species whenever you want.... it's like having wigs for your old lady.
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    i believe you can also hunt that unit with a D11 or D13 tag
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    Wood sign

    looks like very clean/solid work.
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    so i have a bit of a CA dilemma...

    so i'm sitting on 11 points for all species in CA and i'm no longer a resident. the only reason i'd consider staying in the game would be for tule elk, but the chance of getting drawn this century looks dismal. at the current cost for license and application fee and considering point creep or...
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    Utah draw

    hey congrats skeet. did you guys apply in Idaho too? nothing but points for me in UT.
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    popx5 goes to Alaska...

    looks like an epic trip. would love to experience AK one day. that's awesome you still have that old knife and all the work you've put it through. hey, we've got the same birthday
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    The 105th reason I'm glad I moved to Arizona

    awesome animal and well deserved (45yrs of applying, that dude had his eye on the prize!!!) i love the banquet beer photo. that's the beer of our forefathers! nothing taste better than a "golden yummy" after killing something 'cept maybe a 2nd.
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    Who likes big elk and deer???

    outstanding work. thanks for sharing