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    5 day count down... Tues 3/2 Noon

    Still breathing
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    Is TOF dead?

    This is the most active thread I've seen in the last couple years.
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    D zone buck

    Good job :smiley_10sign:
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    Public land archery hog!

    Sweet :smiley_10sign:
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    4 for 4

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    Price not an issue, Which handgun would you buy for big-game hunting? MuleDeer & BlackBear

    Sorry for the late reply. Basic rule to remember. Felt recoil is related to weight of gun and grip design. Lighter guns are comfortable to carry, but uncomfortable to shoot. But in reality, you'll probable only shoot 1-3 rounds when your hunting with it. My preferred revolver to hunt with is...
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    QUESTIONS: Used Ruger Blackhawk .44 Mag

    If it's the standard "super blackhawk", it should have the squared dragoon type trigger guard. My first .44 was this model, and the trigger guard beat the hell out of my middle finger. I'm use to recoil having two .454s, three 44s, and a .308 encore pistol, but that particular trigger design...
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    Proud dad moment

    Yep, they've been raised right. Geez 17 already. Seems like a short while back they were TV babies.
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    Park Lake Action

    Took the kayak out to our local park lake (Prado Regional Park, Chino) yesterday . They had a trout derby Saturday, so I thought I'd see if there were any leftovers from the big fish stock. The day was going pretty slow until this one hit around 3pm, 8.04 lbs.
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    Passing of "vamos a cazar"

    Vic was a good guy. He will be missed, R.I.P.
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    Nice :smiley-yellow:
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    Same here.
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    Studly D-16 Buck Down

    Very nice buck. Congrats to the young lady.
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    End of an Era

    Only bad thing about a good dog is their lifespan is way too short. Sorry for your loss.
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    Archery Buck Down (pic)

    Very nice D-11 buck. Way to go.