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    Free. Ruger SR9 magazine.

    I have this factory , 10 rd. , Ruger SR9 (9MM) magazine/clip and have no need for it . I will give it to you for free .....just re-pay me for the shipping . I hate to throw it away . Extra mags are always good ; ) 1st come 1st served. BOW
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    Some administration needed here .

    I know , weird spam . As is normal these dayz . ; ) DS2343sd a trolling spammer ???? Just not needed here in my mind BOW
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    Launched out of Trinidad Ca.

    Wasnt sure if this story would get much reading here. I recently started checking out I thought "what the heck" . I did do a little editing on it over there ; ) . Love me some crab too. BOW
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    Launched out of Trinidad Ca.

    So , I have been closely watching the marine conditions for weeks up here in the real Northern Ca. ; ) I see a good window ( less than 6 ft seas ) The frocast was for 3ft at 6 seconds apart . Very good conditions. I make a bunch of last minute calls to some of my dudes. I have 2 former...
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    Is TOF dead?

    Yup , it is why I am scarce in posting my further comments and successes here . I don't brag much and I have a pretty thick skin but this place seemed pretty "click-ish" when I first joined and I wasn't in the "click" . I hope those days are gone and we can help all new comers into hunting...
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    Going out of Ft. Bragg .... any pointers ?

    I normally launch out of Eureka or Trinidad but a buddy of mine invited me to his place in Ft. Bragg Ca. We will be setting crab pots and doing some rock cod fishing . ( marine conditions willing ) I have never launched / fished out of there. Do any of you all have any places to start , that...
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    Rocky Clan Blacktail.

    Pretty Buck !! and surely tasty. Im settling for bear strogenoeff tonight .....
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    New USFS directives ... ?

    I guess that they will determine what "emergency" will close the forest to hunting ?
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    Forests Closed - FYI

    Hmmmm ... I have 3 mining claims on USFS land ........ hmmmmm .... Maybe ??
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    Forests Closed - FYI

    USFS extends forest closure : /
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    I not dead.

    I just have to say .... it was pretty funny ; )
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    Drew G1

    May the weather be with you Screwloose ; ) BOW
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    2020 Bears

    Hunt Trinity for bears , please thin them out ...... but there are no bucks here so dont waste a tag on that ........ :) BOW
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    2020 Bears

    Got mine …. I used to ALWAYS have to get a bigger bear each year or I didn't shoot . Too much testosterone back then . Now I only want about a 150 -180 pounder …..Better meat and easier pack out ; ) Getting smarter . Ate bear last night and tonight again for leftovers . With mashed taters ...