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    Waterfowl Gear

    I’d like to know the same for San Diego...specifically hunting waders
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    Wister area road closures?

    So prior to 2 weeks, we can drive to all the parking lots?
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    Wister area road closures?

    When do the roads close to the public on Wister WA?
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    Decoys, decoys, decoys!

    Does the spinner have a timer?
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    Wister rain

    My weather app said no rain this morning. But good luck getting a reliable answer
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    Shooting east of San Diego

    Anyone know a decent spot to throw a few clays east of San Diego? The lady just got a new shotgun and we're looking to go out tomorrow morning. I don't feel like going to a crowded business and I would like to avoid driving all the way out to the valley. I'd like to keep it on this side of the...
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    SOLD***Carry lite snow decoys***SOLD

    Where are you located
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    Sweat lining the opener at Wister - how bad is it?

    Did you make it out at 128?we had a top 20 sweatline and got out around 11am last year
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    Large decoy bags??

    Anyone have recommendations on large, free standing decoy bags? I have the jet sled (54"x25") and float it with me when I pick up decoys, but it doesn't hold 4+ dz. I'm looking for something similar to the rig em right XL tanker to fit inside the sled and allow me to pick up all the decoys in...
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    Searched and found old forums, nothing recent so..... Blackcloud is in sale at rogers 3" 3s $175/case AND $75 mail-in rebate. So In several months when that rebate finally comes in, that is $100/case for blackcloud. For those of you who shoot and/or have shot blackcloud, what is your opinion...
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    Any juniors need to get out?

    Well we're out on our last minute camping trip now and that damn cat has yet to show up. I think I've been hustled
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    Any juniors need to get out?

    Unfortunately I JUST finished making plans with the lady for the weekend since no one had taken me up. Sorry! Good luck
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    Any juniors need to get out?

    Ive only been able to make it out a handful of times this season due to finishing up paramedic school. But, just my luck, now that the season is over, I have weekends off... It got me thinking that if there are any juniors out there that need someone to take them out to wister for the junior...
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    Finally got a ressi

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    Wister condition

    I did that last year. A couple days after it rained I was barely able to drive down Davis without sliding and knew the turn off Davis Would get me stuck (2wd f150). I picked my blind from the sweatline in the AM and told josh my plan to park off English and hike in. He looked at me like I was...