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    Results are up

    LD and AS talking sweetly to each other... History does repeat itself! Welcome back love birds, we missed ya!
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    2020 Archery Tags

    Local late season archery tag so mostly will be out of state for my AZ non-permit tag and then boom sticking elk in CO as it stands now.
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    Results are up

    I drew nada but after further review it seems I can validate buying into that tag that everyone seems to love that used to live in CA... the one with a one-way ticket out of this $hit hole.
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    its that time of year

    Guessing CO and possibly Utah for a main course with a side of another tule tag...
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    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    Great ram and recap! Congrats man!!!
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    Slammed one..

    Solid ram amigo, daddy likes...
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    Last day coues for #1..

    As if there was ever any question...
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    Nice year big fella! Luckily for you 2020 starts on 1.1.2020!
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    Fat Forky Down!

    Nice work big papa!!! Can't have the ladies taking ALL the glory right? See you and yours out there in a week +...
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    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    Awesome stuff amigo, kiddo and mamma are gonna gamehog you into being a full time photographer!!!
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    Last Day AZ Bull

    Awesome work!!! How far from home was this one?
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    Wifeys AZ Bull.....EPIC!!!!!!

    Best thread all year!!!
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    Hell yeah!
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    Quick trip

    Congrats, that's awesome!
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    IV Flatty

    I bet if you trim the fat off it won't be as muddy.