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    Just a quick question...

    Look who the cat dragged in.
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    No tag soup for me.

    Well done. Elk meat, doesn't get much better.
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    Any kills?

    Buck of the year! Nothing better than young hunters getting it done, big congrats to dad and son. Gonna show my boys this.
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    My dads lucky year

    Looks like a CO buck, awesome animal!
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    Give me my deer back....

    This was the latest I've ever killed a deer in CA. Had to figure out late season tactics on the fly and barely missed out on a really nice buck two days before this one. 3 states and 3 animals. Solid year!
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    Give me my deer back....

    Weeks prior, I glassed up this lion and it's mate at 300 yards. They slept and hung out in the same spot for 7+ hours. Lots of video and pics and few deer.
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    Give me my deer back....

    Had the pleasure of glassing a cut, seeing a doe on high alert looking the other direction as a buck busted out. He ended up just over 200 yards and at the shot, he ran low and down a ravine. I hustled up and looped downhill to see if I could cut him off or see him down. Blood was thin but...
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    D7 Forky

    That's a nice buck!! congrats! Looks smokey AF there?
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    NV Last Chance Buck

    Zero, but the smoke shut down higher ground that I really wanted to hunt. I hunted a single mountain and just couldn't justify leaving that many bucks to try and find more. As far as glassing and finding game, it was amazing. This was my second NV deer tag in as many years. Have never seen...
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    NV Last Chance Buck

    After looking over 30+ bucks and passing on far too many within range, the fourth day had me eager to end the hunt and this guy was in the wrong spot at the right time.
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    Utah archery

    That's a damn nice buck!
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    Nevada 194/196 Early Archery

    Any of you wonderful people ever draw this tag? I have questions.
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    Launched out of Trinidad Ca.

    Damn, that's quite the haul! Well done.
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    Whooda thought?!?!?!

    With my TOF premium membership, it auto removes spam posts. I just get to see the good stuff.