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    Mr. Big jr.

    Nice hog, archery?
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    2020 Black Bear

    If you want to see a bear get off your arse and off the pavement. They are everywhere outside of your concrete jungle. I'll continue to kill and eat them. People like you are the epitome of the pussification of America. Go bitch to someone who cares.
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    Any kills?

    Took a while but finally got my 13 year old his first buck. Last year he committed to archery buck hunting only even though he had a either set tag and whiffed at 19 yards on the last day of the season on a decent forky. This year bucks were very sparse due to the lions. After finding this...
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    Any kills?

    That will work!
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    D7 Forky

    Nice buck. Lucky shirt looks like
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    Give me my deer back....

    Congrats, hunting a bit lower in elevation looks like. The last week with the weather was killer.
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    My dads lucky year

    That is a hoss of a buck!!! What a body on it.
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    What are you waiting for?

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    No posts??

    That's a great buck!
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    Bloody decks

    Looks like a great time. Damn that looks like the king of fish right there.
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    No posts??

    Better shoot one more bear before we can't. Good luck. Forest closures suck and been trying to get my son his first buck so far this archery season.
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    Statewide national forest closure

    Ya BS. Huge areas no where near fires closed "just in case".
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    Utah archery

    Good job for your dad. Hes a happy fella right there. Thanks for doing what you do as well!
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    No posts??

    Congrats JN!! Should be tasty!!
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    NV Last Chance Buck

    Looks like a good shot to me. Way to make it happen. See any nevada monsters?