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    Nevada Upland Opener

    Great looking mutt there!!
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    More BackCountry Good Times!

    Great buck, congrats. Got any more pics of his right side
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    Forests Closed - FYI

    Some forests will reopen tomorrow.
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    Rocky Clan Blacktail.

    Nice one.
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    Pine smoked blacktail

    Nice, better now than after they shut down the whole state. Tasty
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    What a mule!!!

    A highly angle compensated 70 yard shot. About a 1:1 slope or a bit steeper
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    Man, I LOVE Arizona

    Very nice. Thats a smoker lope and a great 3pt.
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    What a mule!!!

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    What a mule!!!

    The burns are a year old and full of deer. Wouldn't hunt anywhere else.
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    What a mule!!!

    2 for 3 as of now, see what this weekend shows.
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    What a mule!!!

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    What a mule!!!

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    What a mule!!!

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    Boys whacked a few..

    Automatic!! Congrats to the young men.
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    Giant down...sweet jesus..

    Damn, love it!!