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    NV Last Chance Buck

    Way to get it done.
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    Slammed one..

    way to get it done! :cool:
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    Fat Forky Down!

    Congrats, way to spend time with the family.
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    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    Congrats to the young lady, and great shooting. Love the big smile. :)
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    Daughter in Law first Big game animal

    Congrats to the young lady, and the crew. That is a hell of a shot. :cool:
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    Mr. Forky

    Congrats, nice buck.
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    First mule deer

    Congrat's way to get it done.
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    Been awhile...return of dads 270

    Congrat's on a great buck, and it's fantastic you got to use your days rifle. :cool:
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    Video of kill shot on buck.

    Congrats Paul great shot. :cool:
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    The Wyoming Incident....

    Great mulie, congrats. :smiley_10sign:
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    D zone buck

    congrat's :smiley_10sign:
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    D7 3x3

    Congrats, that is a great buck. :smiley_10sign:
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    Tagged out

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    My bull from yesterday

    Way to get it done Paul, that I fantastic bull. :smiley_10sign:
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    2019 Archery Bear

    Great bear, congrats. :smiley_10sign: