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    D zone buck

    Good looking buck, and good shooting at 170.
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    My bull from yesterday

    same happened to my post. High fence forum, can't mention other forums.
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    25 Days and nothin !!

    seems like most moved over to the other site
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    CA Draw Results

    D12 in da hosue… finally.
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    California Registration Day

    what about just MagLock'ing it?
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    D16 prospects

    Zach, I found a few... :smiley-wnk-yellow:
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    D16 prospects

    Lots of great deer in D16, the locals score every year.
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    gotta put a pic to duckies words...
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    Canal finally hits

    Awesome!! canal fishing at it's best.
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    Seat-Covers : Do you use them? Who makes a good quality one?

    Legit questions, it's what these forums are for... que no? I need some for my truck so I will "subscribe" to this thread.
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    Desert Wildlife Unlimited Bbq

    Maybe I will skip the DU event this year and attend this event. The wallet only lets me pick 1 event. Thinking about it, I haven't hunted ducks in the past 3 years. Maybe road hunted for honker but is that even called hunting or bird watching, anyways. Good Luck Rich, do you guys sell tickets at...
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    2018 Dove Season

    Welcome to the site JoeClay, To bad you don't live closer to the Imperial Valley, you can find dove just about anywhere. I would do what the guys above mentioned, knock on some doors/gates and see if you can get some permission granted. Do you guys have much public land around? on another...
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    Not a bad first time out....

    all awesome fish guys... Here's one from the IV canals on live bait, my buddy is an emoji, lol. It was a slow day as per the guys, only this one was camera worthy.
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    happy Valentines Day...

    my buddy once gave his wife an iron and ironing board for V-Day.
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    Help my niece please. She needs votes.

    vote another 22 times, until boss walked into office.. good luck!!