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    Possible Citation ?

    instead of a hook you could use a grappling hook shaped piece of wood. a two foot section of xmas tree might work
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    What would you do?

    with that number at wister you could invite a guy with a lot of experience and knowledge. you could pick his brain all day. better yet find someone who has a whole snow goose set up, who gets his geese all the time. you might end up on a good goose hunt
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    thanx guys
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    does anyone know where to find 6 volt batteries for spinning wing decoys tanx
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    Turkey Scouting?

    shed hunting time steve
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    Huge Snowstorm In IV

    yeah yeah yeah yeahyeah
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    pm sent
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    can this be the first????????

    please kill all the hen spoons you can. for that matter kill em all
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    cabelas coupon

    hi guys I'm looking for an unused cabelas coupon free shipping over $100.00 or something like it thanx
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    Happiness is........

    steve, you know you have a problem when you take pics of the ups guy just dropping off hunting stuff chris
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    Some new mounts from my shop

    great work as always love the bobcat who shot the farm geese
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    danger of flea and tick meds.

    i used advantix and another brand from the vet. both products made paw weak or sore for two days. after that I used flea collars. I knew something was wrong
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    Recommend a spinning reel

    rarely have any problems with shimano
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    looking for some squid

    i'm in pasadena. going to ak. april 20th for the summer
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    looking for some squid

    hi guys, I'm looking for someone that has caught or can catch more humboldt squid than he needs. If any one is going out and wants to pull on 5 to 10 extra squid, pleadse let me know. I need them for halibut bait in alaska. or if anyone is going out and wants some company I'll catch my...