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    Just thought I'd say say Hi

    Thanks for the warm re-welcome! Yup, still living in Moreno Valley and working my tail off at Callaway Motorsports in Riverside. Kids are good....wife is still hanging around. I've been blessed that I have what I have. I'm sure there are people in worse positions right now. I'll try to stop...
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    Just thought I'd say say Hi

    I haven't been into the hunting scene for a couple of years now but as I was browsing around the internet and thought I'd stop in to see how my boys (and girls, Womanhunter) were doing. So how's your duck/goose/quail/chukar/deer/bear/pig season going? I have to admit I saw a pic of ESS in one...
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    Gave away my best dog today

    Way to go Jimm... Sounds like he's gone to a great home.
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    Meet the "Coywolf"

    Cool critter!
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    Bad Outcome

    Cool pics...welcome to the forum. Pull up a stump and stay a spell.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss gs........ Ditto what DK said. I found Jagers' collar (a pup I lost several years ago) when we were moving in December. Still kept it in my safe. You never forget, but you do move on and find another puppy to share your love.
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    got a good one!

    Lots of climbing! Congrats to the both of you!
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    2 Bear down

    Way to go boys! Glad to hear about the success.
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    Now that's funny!
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    Nice Desert Muley

    Nice lookin' buck...congrats!
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    Introducing Myself :)

    Great lookin' birds. Great to have you aboard....Pull up a stump and stay a spell!!!
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    Took a bad spill

    Glad you're ok! QUOTE QUOTE (paulc @ Oct 27 2009, 11:48 AM) QUOTE (DKScott @ Oct 26 2009, 09:44 PM) Wow. A bump on the head strong enough to knock you out is nothing to laugh off. Glad you are OK. I read on some other forum that the real hardcore hunters wear helmets..... I missed...
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    sweat line sj

    Good luck. Now that I've moved to MoVal...SJ is minutes away. I really should hit it up a little this year.
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    Silver Surprise

    Way to go Steve. Great little surprise. Nice little butter-her-up for the time away from home. Good luck on the hunts, it looks like the move up north was a good one!
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    Quad Choice

    I sell ATV's for a living. Polaris by far out handles ANY ATV on the market today. Fewest issues and the 4WD system is the best out there. I'd stay FAR away from CanAm or Artic Cat. (For those who think I'm biased towards Polaris becasue I sell them, I sell the others too.)