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Grr, dang it, skunked this 2nd time out...

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Posted 06 September 2018 - 11:23 PM

Grr, dang it, skunked this 2nd time out... did not see a single big game animal until I was leaving and dropped my pack to do some trail maint at this one spot that blocked the trail where sone deadfall blocked the whole trail (it spook a sleeping young Doe, which was cute to see jumping away), forcing sketchy detour under and around it on the cliff side. Glad I had a Trekking pole, but didn't want to do that cliff deal again, so this last time out decided to leave early so I could hit that spot during daylight to bore a hole thru the branches on the trees which fell.  I actually managed to do it too! Took a bit of stomping and pulling and cracking off limbs after starting initial chops with camp axe to encourage snapping.  A couple 2" pieces were a bit monotonous with that little camp axe, but we got it done. Figured that way I won't kill myself coming back out of their with a pack weighed down heavily by the meat. either this time, or during the General Season. Will try to bring a Folding Saw with this next visit to really get it cleared well, so no issue of backpack wanting to hang up from going under some of these bigger limbs/trunks. 

It hurts to sit soo damn bad to sit still for soo damn long, especially to not see another game animal the next three days after having that missed shot on the first day.

But I want this done, and I know the only way it's going to happen is when my body and their body can be at the same spot at the same time. And it's so thick out there and the dried oak leaves are soo loud. You can't think you're going to walk up upon an animal and not scare the hell out of them.  You have to pick a good area and just sit in shadows and wait and wait until one of them finally walks by.

Sucks, I want this done. I want one done in Archery Season so that for General I can attempt a more risky proposition of trying to take one with a pistol. Figure one-in-hand can take off the pressure to fill the freezer. Otherwise if I just don't get another opportunity during Archery, I'll have to go with rifle to better insure my chance of making sure any opportunity we get doesn't get missed again. Probably the .30-30 Brush-gun setup.

That was another thing of getting one in Archery Season, figured I could try a pistol (4" .357 Mag), or a .223 Rem with a round specifically for Deer (62gr TSX). Figure be a little more OK with having undesired/unintended results with trying one of those two if I've already got one in hand already from Bow season. Sure would like to test the pistol scenario as that would save a lot of weight off the hike-in if I can prove to myself it's a viable solution in this closer-distance-shooting brushy-terrain I'm finding myself in.

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