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Jerky Cure

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Posted 10 February 2016 - 02:24 PM

This Jerky talk has me wanting to get back in to making jerky. Right now I just buy a bag of Krave.

Used to have a friendly competition with some other drivers when we ran up to the PNW 10 years ago. We (6 drivers) would stop at the Weed rest area and sample each other's newest creation.

Well, except for easyriders jerky, he had a small bladder and he used a piss bottle while driving. When we got to Weed he started passing around the bag of jerky that he had been eating out of. The whole morning he had been bragging on the CB about how good it was and that nobody else had jerky as good as his. Well, everybody was munching on his jerky and raving how good it was when Easyrider looked at me and said 'WTF Screwloose!! You're not going to try my jerky? You ate everybody else's!!' Now ya gotta understand, Easyrider is 6'5" and 380lbs with the biggest hands you have ever seen on a human!! Well, I took a step back, looked around at everybody eating his jerky and said 'Brother, you and I drive identical Freightliners right?' He says "you know we F$)&Ing do'. I said "in my truck there's no sink to wash your hands and you've used your piss bottle 3 or 4 times today and I don't care how big your hose is, you're gonna spill a little piss on your hand. Then you reached in to that bag and grabbed some jerky with those piss covered fingers!!'. He got so pissed at me!! The rest of the drivers started gagging and spitting out their jerky. Easyrider chased me around the rest area and if he caught me I wouldn't be here to tell that story today.

I have 100's of stories about Easyrider. He was just one of those guys that always had you shaking your head. Even thought about putting pen to paper and sharing the adventures. Somebody start a post about York Peppermint patties...... Story ends with me trying to get him out of a diabetic coma.
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Posted 11 February 2016 - 12:16 PM

Batch 2 out and pretty damn good.  2 lbs of jerky in the freezer so far.

I like the smoker better than the dehydrator just for the heat alone.

Batch this weekend will be applewood smoked.

I like the chile & spices better than the teriyaki.

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