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what your Favorite hunting Broad head

what is your favorite hunting broad head and way?

fallow that with broad head that did not work for you and way?

Trying to take the guessing game out of it for me and I am new to big game hunting with my bow.
I know there are others out there like my self and can us some of your expert advice and educate us on this subject, my only experience with killing anything with a bow has been a Turkey, but this year I am switching over to artery deer and elk in Utah next month and I need to start practicing with real hunting broad heads.

so fare I am looking at Muzzy fixed blade 100 gr. and NoLimit Gravedgr Chisel 100gr. what are your thoughts


Ramcat 100 worked great last year. dropped a buck fast, make a heck of a hole.

have used rage 3 blade expandable and carbon express quad pro, I am liking the ramcat the best out of all of them.


in the past I used satellite aero 125 (15 years ago) still have them and they still shoot good.


as long as you tune your bow you will have no problem shooting any of them.

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