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The Boy Shoots His First Buck

Where do I begin on this one.....We have been blessed in so many ways for tags this year and it's been truly awesome. My Girlfriends Son (Who is 12 yrs Old), drew a Nevada 021 Junior Either Sex Tag. His Dad took him out for the MuzzleLoader Season and didn't see much. I told him that if he didn't fill his tag with his dad, I would take him out for the last few days of his season. Little Man has never killed a Deer or Big Game Animal for that matter. He has shot Ducks, Geese, Quail and Chukar. So, this is all new to him.

Day 1 : Monday rolls around and we load up the truck at O'Dark Thirty and head out to a spot I know of 30 minutes from the house. I catch some fresh tracks crossin the road and I it looks like a "Deer Super Highway". A lot of buddies have taken some nice deer in this particular area and I know some monsters come out of here. I tell Little Man lets start glassing the hillsides. I glass up a nice buck 1500 yards up the hill with some does. After a closer look with the spoting scope, he's a nice 4x3. I tell little man we are gonna cut this canyon and hike up adjacent to him. I know a flat spot up top that I can get him within 200 yards of this deer. We throw our packs on and I check the wind. Wind is perfect and we make the Death March up the nasty hill. Takes about 30 minutes to get half way up. I tell little man to stay put and I'm gonna sneak around the hill and see if they are still in the same area. I sneak around the hillside and they are still feeding on the same hillside. I range em and it's 712 yards (Just to far for Little Man). I meet back up with Little Man and we press up the hill. Almost to the top of the flat spot I wanna be the wind shifted and I could fill it on my neck :smiley-rantin-red: ......We continue to make our way and they gave us the sneak once we were ontop..Damn!!!!! Oh well.....We didn't see much the rest of the day except Doe's....

I tell Little Man, I'm gonna take him to a spot I know of on the CA/NV Border that holds some really nice deer. Get home, he jumps in bed and I load up the sidexside and gear.

Day 2: Alarms goes off at O'Dark Thirty and the boy is in his camo and waiting on me. After some coffee and hot coco, we are on the road. I tell him that the road we are gonna head up is pretty nasty and just hold on. We get to the general area and unload the sidexside and gear. We start to make our way up the mountain in the dark. I wanted to be in the "Bowl" at first light to glass the many canyons from a vantage point I know of. We finally make it up and it's legal shoot time. We take off on foot and get to the area I wanna glass from. We start glassing and I catch two 3x2's almost ontop of a ridge. They both are feeding and have no idea we are there.

I range the bucks and it's 391 yards uphill. Little Man has proven he is deadly with his .270 out to 300 yards on paper. So, I am very confident he can make the shot. I look at him and say, "It's your Tag and your call"! Do you wanna pass em up and keep looking or do you wanna do the deed.... Little Man says, "I want him, he's going down!!!!"....Roger That!!!!!!!! We can't press up any farther in fear of them busting over the hill and us being in the wide open.

I deploy my shooting sticks and get him set up for the shot. Buck Fever has set in for this little dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is shaking so bad, so after a quick talk, he gets calmed down. I tell him to rack a round and control his breathing. The bucks are broadside on the hill feeding out in the open. I raise my binos and tell him to take the buck on the left. I tell him to put the 3rd bubble behind his front shoulder and Squuuuueze the trigger. I hear Little Man take his final breath and KAAAAPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! rips through the Canyon walls. BUCK DROPS!!!!! I don't know who was more exited, me or Little Man!!! After a few high fives we make the nasty climb to recover his buck.... Got him cleaned up and back to the truck at 9:30....Trucly was an Awesome Day!!!!!!!! :smiley-santa-winking:

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D12 Tracker
Dec 28 2014 02:54 PM
Awesome!! Great job and great story. Glad to see another youngster join the ranks.
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