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Keep Local Governments from Restricting Hunting and Fishing

AB 665 (Frazier) would help prevent cities, counties and park districts from adopting ordinances and other regulations which ban or interfere with hunting, fishing and depredation control activities.

This state bill, which is sponsored by California Waterfowl and is currently pending on the Senate Floor, was introduced in response to increasing efforts by local governments to bypass the State F&G Commission regulatory process and enforce their own regulations over the taking of fish and game.

Local efforts have especially targeted waterfowl hunting on state-owned public waterways, most notably San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. The local regulations are typically based on false public safety arguments, and in some cases clear anti-hunting sentiment.

While AB 665 is supported by a broad coalition of sportsmen's groups, landowner associations and conservation organizations, it is being actively opposed by a number of local park districts, counties and animal rights groups.

Please help California Waterfowl pass this important piece of legislation by contacting your state representative now.

Click the link below to take action on this issue:


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