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American Sniper

What a great movie. It went off course from the book but, not too much. It shows his first kill was young boy. As per the book it was a woman who had a bomb of some sort. The only non-male combatant he killed in four deployments. We went to the 10:30 AM showing, it was a full house. After the movie there was not a sound from the crowd leaving the theatre. My wife said it was just like being at a funeral service. Go see it. I'll go again. 10+. :smiley-usa: :smiley-usa-flag-raise:


Ya.  Heavy. 


My friend lived across the street from Chris and Taya Kyle here in San Diego.  He attended the funeral. All I can say is that the whole story is heavy on the heart.  


Every American should read the book.  Then, see the movie. 

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Loved it,I'll see it again as well
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