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All you need to know about hogs, boar or pigs

Starting your hunt: Often hog signs are hard to find because they move around a lot. So this means a lot of hiking! Hogs can be found almost anywhere, but the one thing they can’t live without is water. So this is a good starting point. Find where a pig would get water and start looking near those water sources especially in areas that have dense cover. Keep looking for the freshest tracks and any signs that you can and follow them.

Just because they are not where you saw them last time doesn’t mean they are not there. It’s hunting not shooting, some days they are there and some days they are not. Some days you find them in the morning and some days you find them in the afternoon. Use those days that you are not seeing any signs to get to know how these pigs move. This will help you learn the land even better and sometimes you run across one hiding under a bush, or you come over a ridge and there they are. When you don’t find them in the common areas that everyone sees them in they can be holding in the areas in-between them. Make sure to use your binoculars to look INTO the thick brush. The easiest thing to spot in the woods are ears and horizontal lines, diligently look at every rock, bush and shadow. You will be surprised when some of them will turn out to be a hog.

Learn the routes that they naturally take and don’t be surprised when you jump one in the place you least expect it. Be careful, they hold really tight and can come charging out at you at any time. But most of the time they will be running away from you. Regardless you need to be prepared to take a shot within seconds at any moment. If other people are getting pigs in the area and you are not, just remember pigs move a lot and just because they are not there when you were that does not mean the area is bad. A lot of the time a successful is hunt is when opportunity and preparation come together at the same time, this is also known as luck to some. I will tell you that I am not lucky, I just work harder them most. I learn as much about the area as I can, so I can move to other areas where they may have moved to or gone thru. Often I have a person that wants to hunt from the truck and I am ok with that. It makes for less hiking when I need to get picked up 2 to 12 miles from where I started, meaning I don’t have to hike back over areas that I have already covered.

Clink on the link to read all you will need to now about wild pigs
ok disclaimer I love to teach, but god did not gift me in the writing department, so spent about month researching all I can find on hogs and put it all together in one All you would want to know about Hogs, to try and help new hunters learn.

have to say thank you to my wife as he fixed all the grammar and spelling airs. Tell me what you all thing


if you have others that you think might benefit from it please fill free to share as it was written to help the new hunters out.

if for some reason the link dont work you can look it up on our FB page www.facebook.com/groups/theoutdoorsforum/


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