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10 day trip scouting, Turkey hunting and fishing

This is a day by day report of a family scouting for Turkeys and Deer, doing some site seeing on the road to and from, float tube fishing for bass and fallowed up with a father son both scoring their spring Tom turkeys

you can read all about it buy reading the whole post.
This is my last day, if I don't get the job done today Mikey and I are going home empty handed.

so I head back over to were I call the bothers in the day before, Mikey decides he sleeping in and he will wake up and get the job down on his own.
I head out and get into my made shift ground blind before the first light, and sure as the day before the turkeys all start gobbling at about 6:15 but this time instead of being out in the field I am am in the creek bed, the sun comes up and the birds start dropping down out of the trees, it sounds like I have two up stream and a few down stream. then I finely see one making it way my way, its about 100 yards out, then all of a sudden its GONE! Im like that the hell.............. then I see the problem............... Patches that damn farm cat........#@$%@.

ok so know that spots was screwed for the morning, So I move down stream, a little father down from were I was the day before and called in the brothers, I start right off with yeps........ and nothing......... so I start getting a little more aggressive with my yeps and............. Nothing so go straight in with a excited hen Clucking and I mine fast and loud and BOMBO I got Gobblers gobbling form accose the creak, I got them gobbling from down the creak and I'm like I better get a spot quick, this time were I dont have that damn tree blocking my only shot so got away from bushes and away from all the trees and I got on the back side of this rolling little hill that had tall grass on it and went right back in to the excited hen clucking, and bombo toms gobbling up stream down stream out in the fields on the other side of the creek, and here come the two brothers from the day before this time not all shy and timid they came in like they were late to the houw down and there was only one left and they both wanted her............ could not have happend any better, at about 40 yards out, I give them a little pure just enough for them to hear it, then nothing, nothing at all, cut them off like whore in church. then they start looking for her, and the next thing you know those to going at it,
she's mine......... no she ant she wants me........ they are getting closer.
I let out a real light short pure. they both buff up like peacocks one starts walking my way and the other is headed off to the right a little, I'm beneath the grass on the back side of the hell so they cant see me go to full draw, I everly.... so slow..... creep up.... it seams like it took 5 min's.
but each time he looked away I moved up some more, then I hear the other brother give the get the hell out of hear chearp and I put my 10 yard pin right on his neck and let go...............................

he jumps back flops his wings and I'm like did I get him for a split second.......... and then he starts the the death flop, HOT DAMN I GO HIM!!!!!! i'm doing the F ya dance all excised and then a few hundred yards away I hear BOOOM!!!! and like wwwwwhhhhaaaatt.

Mikey hears me calling and started his way to me and brother #2 that sold me out and took off got his butt handed to him ......

so I yell out MIKEY!!!! is that you!!!!
he yells back ya I GOT HIM!!!!!

I was like ok back to my happy dance,

here are the pic's

View attachment: KIMG0114 low.jpg
View attachment: KIMG0111low.jpg
View attachment: KIMG0110 low.jpg
View attachment: DSC02815low.jpg
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